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  1. Man is suspected in the death of his wife, who he says was his 'soul mate'
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In the. Between Two Ferns is known for its acerbic and irreverent interviews with celebrities ranging from Brad Pitt to Barack Obama, but now, this bitesize talk. Queer icon and soon-to-be Charlie's Angel Kristen Stewart was reportedly told to hide her sexuality so she could score bigger film roles, the actor told.

Every 27 years, a shape-shifting entity known as IT crawls out of the sewers to prey on the children of Derry, Maine. IT plasters himself with an.

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Women who have been wronged in the past by men in positions of power are speaking openly. The thing about monsters is that they derive their power from the unknown. That shadow you can. Honey Boy. How To Build A Girl. But, many in the U. What does the latest installment of Blumhouse and Hulu's movie anthology series Into the Dark have in common with Ari Aster's brightly-lit horror flick.

True Crime on Film. She walked inside and found him lying face-down. A brass candlestick was lying near his left foot.

Man is suspected in the death of his wife, who he says was his 'soul mate'

Screaming, "my husband! Gregg was officially pronounced dead at the scene, killed by a single gunshot to the head, at p. Loring Jackson to determine that this didn't look like a burglary gone wrong, as the clothes tossed around the closet and the electronics by the door appeared to be staged to make it look.

They don't pack guns. There were red flags all over the place. Overall, Pamela Smart only had three months to play the grieving widow. She was arrested on Aug. Pamela Wojas met Gregg at a New Year's Eve party in New Hampshire at the end of while she was on winter break, bonding over a shared love of rock 'n' roll. In high school, Pam was a cheerleader, class president and an honors student, but she also loved heavy metal music and partying, as did Gregg, who didn't go to college, when she first met him.

Pam was a Type A personality who was fiercely organized and had figured out early on that she wanted more than the suburban housewife life. She has said that the admission of the one-night stand clouded her whole view of the marriage and made her want out.

Murder Most Fab

True Crime: Kidnapping Survivors. Most recently she was working on a doctorate in ministry. Flynn, a year-old sophomore when he first glimpsed a year-old Smart at a school assembly in , was instantly smitten, according to Stephen Sawicki's book about the case, Teach Me to Kill. He liked some of the same music I liked. He played the guitar.

Billy wasn't the only one enamored with Pamela. The two became friends and Pamela would have the teen over to her condo for dinner, usually when Gregg wasn't there. With broad satirical strokes, Van Sant unambiguously and, as it turned out, presciently leaned into Suzanne's obsession with being famous and how that, more than anything else, drove her to get her teen boy-toy to kill. I beg you. Talk about great writing. Best Actress Oscar Winner Transformations. But I felt that if she felt destined to play it, she would work harder than you normally would. She was so convinced that she would be the best choice that that was enough.

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I figured we could work it out. She has children and that as a mother, she should take a look at the character that she's playing.

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She never spoke to me. She never tried to find out anything to the contrary of, you know, the script that they gave her. And that she played a one dimensional character. I mean, she played me as like a complete airhead. And I'm not that person.

Agatha and the Truth of Murder () Movie Script | SS

So it's hard because I'm constantly hated for being something. I'd probably hate myself if I didn't know myself, based on what they say.

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  • Kidman actually played Suzanne as a ruthless aspiring household name who is too cunning for her own good, the ditziness that Smart may be speaking of stemming more than anything else, perhaps, from Suzanne's unquenchable desire to be on TV. Which, even when someone is deadly serious about it, tends to come off as silly. Because what's the point of doing anything worthwhile if nobody's watching?

    And if people are watching, it makes you a better person. So a lot was on the way. It was cable TV at the time that was the media bonanza. Simpson who was found not guilty of murder on Oct.

    The way in which it gets into you You're like this first [she opened her eyes wide] it's everything you look down your nose at and then you're [mock - screams] doing everything the audience is doing. You have to go 'Whoa! That's what she's been raised on. So she's a victim of society, a victim of that. And count Joyce Maynard among the many people who think Smart shouldn't be spending the rest of her life in prison.

    Maggie Hassan in Then Gov. John Lynch and a five-member Executive Council denied her request for a hearing. While a showing of remorse or acceptance of responsibility is usually part of the petition for a commutation, Smart says she simply didn't want to admit to something she didn't do. Inside the Jailhouse Life of 10 Infamous Criminals. She denied knowing anything about any murder, but did share that she stayed at Pam's condo the week before Gregg was killed. But a list Smart had previously given to police of people who had recently been in the house, so they could register their fingerprints, did not include Cecelia.

    Pelletier and Charewicz found that odd. Then, on June 10, , Vance Lattime Sr. Seabrook got in touch with Derry, and it turned out the. Ralph told the detectives that Billy had been "going around bragging" about killing someone, but when he asked his pals if they were involved, they said no. When he left the room, however, Ralph heard them say "something about somebody being next. After that, he told J. Their names were withheld at first, because they were minors, but their photos were not, so it was easy enough for the media to identify them.

    Their first sit-down, with her mother present, didn't yield any fruit. In addition to overhearing them talking about the plan, an idea she claimed she never thought they'd actually go through with, she told the detectives she walked in on Billy and Pam having sex once. With Flynn, Randall and Lattime reluctant to talk, investigators first had Pierce try to get Pam to open up over the phone, which had been tapped. With the help of the seemingly damning statements captured by the wire, they had enough to arrest Pam in connection with the murder of her husband.

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    The boys maintained their silence—until prosecutor Paul Maggiotto said he'd be charging them all as adults, meaning they'd be facing life in prison without parole. A few months later, they opted to cooperate. She continues to insist as much to this day, and has denied the details of her involvement provided by Flynn and the others. The jury wasn't sequestered until the second day of deliberations, and Flynn, Lattime and Randall all had access to each other in jail during the trial. She sent Cecelia out to walk her dog and took Billy upstairs. So this is the time that I really started talking to J.

    She told him to make it look like a burglary, Flynn added.