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  5. Organ Symphony No.6, Op.42 No.2 (Widor, Charles-Marie)

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Take5Production | TAKE5 Music Production Annual Awards

Karl Weigl: Symphony No. Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds for percussion solo Franco Donatoni: Omar, due pezzi per vibrafono Rolf Wallin: Stonewave , version for solo percussion.

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    Last edited by pokemonman; Aug at My first thought was - how do you separate the movements of a symphony. It should be taken as a complete work. But that's not always true I think. There are many symphonies I like only parts of.

    The Program

    My favorite single movements out of context will probably be like most others. Let's see: Beethoven - No. This movement is close to a religious experience for me. Plenty more Beethoven movements move me too, of course. Brahms - No.


    This is Brahms saying farewell. Bruckner - No. This is awesome, ominous, and memorable. I wonder if it inspired Holst's Mars. Mozart - No. I have always stated I don't like Mozart very much, but this one movement, if played fast enough gets me going.

    Pianist and composer

    It's not a very famous Mozart symphony, but this movement is the one that is leading me to finally "get" Mozart. I love the itchy, itchy rhythm of the strings There's many many more. Some of my favourites: Sibelius: Symphony No. Allegro Molto Sibelius: Symphony No. Poco Allegretto Mahler: Symphony No. Lebhaft These are stand-out movements from symphonies that really move me. A few of mine.

    This is very hard: Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. Scherzo Nielsen: Symphony No. Allegro sanguineo Bruckner: Symphony No. Scherzo Bruckner: Symphony No. Adagio Langsam, feierlich Bruckner: Symphony No. Adagio Sehr feierlich Bruckner: Symphony No.

    Organ Symphony No.6, Op.42 No.2 (Widor, Charles-Marie)

    Trauermarsch Mahler: Symphony No. Adagietto Shostakovich: Symphony No. Allegro Shostakovich: Symphony No. Allegretto Shostakovich: Symphony No. Each version uses exactly the same rhythm.

    Beethoven - 7th Symphony (Complete) ✔

    Another sketch uses the final form of the row, suggesting that it was written after the 27 June sketch. The first statement of the programme "Life was so easy," is illustrated on this sketch only by a schematic presentation of the row.


    Mais faut-il le faire? Et si vousrapidement.